MINING MASHINE: Cutter-loader coal combine «TEMP-1» («ТЕМП-1»)

Cutter-loader coal  combine for working on steep and steeply inclined coal seams.

Cutter-loader coal combine «TEMP-1» («ТЕМП-1»)

Cutter-loader coal combine «TEMP-1» («ТЕМП-1») — photos of the USSR

Cutter-loader coal combine «TEMP-1» («ТЕМП-1») — photos of the USSR, pneumatic version

Information for mining mechanical engineers in Colombia, Spain, India, Vietnam. We repair, complete with any spare parts, assembly units cutter-loader coal combine «TEMP-1». This coal combine are used for coal mining on steep and steeply-bent coal seams. For interested persons, we are ready to consider the full reproduction of these machines in Ukraine.

Mining system

combined mining system, longwall mining system, longwall method, board and-pillar mining system, board-and-wall mining sustem, breast-and-pillar mining system, longwall retreat system

Length of the working face , m (no more)


Thickness of a seam, m

(0,60-1,20) (0,95-1,50)

Angle of incidence of coal seam,  degree


Resistance to coal cutting, kN / m

up to 300

Cutting drum grasping width, m

0,9 (1,0)

Drive power of cutter-loader coal  combine, kW


Estimated productivity, t / min (not less than)


Combine weight,  kg


Cutter-loader coal  combine feed system

Separate drawn traction system: 1ЛГКНМ-2Э

Power supply system

A separate remote power supply system via a cable laying system: КБК-2


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