Mining machine for cable picking and laying MCP (analog of KBK 2)

Modern coal combines for coal mining on steeply sloping coal seams do not have a system for picking up and laying a power cable, or a hose with compressed air. Stacking is often done through the manual labor of the mining workers. But there were machines to mechanize such hard work. We offer a renewed MCP project. Information for miners in Ukraine, Colombia, Spain, India, Vietnam, Iran.

This cable winch for cable picking and stacking MCP is used in conjunction with the POISK-2 (R) and TEMP-1 coal combines.

Old MCP (KBK2) project

New MCP (KBK2) project in the UN90 complex (in the background)

New MCP (KBK2) (background snippet)

MCP specifications

Type of cable stacker drum
Drum diameter (smallest), mm 510
Drum width, mm 552
Drum capacity (for cable diameter 46 mm), m 180
Drum capacity (for cable diameter 51 mm), m 145
Cable tension force, kN up to 7,6
Cable winding speed (average drum diameter), m/min 0 – 5,8
Cable unwinding speed, m/min to 0,7
Number of layers of coiling 6
The number of turns in the coil layer 12
Drive movement electrohydraulic
Power of electric motor, kW 1,7
Voltage AC, V 380; 660
The maximum pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa 12,5
Weight, kg 1300


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